This is an amazing place near Warsaw in Konstancin-Jeziorna.

Residences of unique modern design, designed so that the buildings blend in with the surrounding greenery, and large panoramic glazing gives the impression of wholeness and connection of the house with the garden. 

The villas we present have a size from 300m2 and at the disposal of their plots of land size from 800m2. 

The whole has been fenced provided 24-hour monitoring and access control, supported by videophones.
The masses of the buildings are extremely harmonious and orderly, with a clearly outlined L-shape. 

This is a project definitely for those expecting a premium product.

The best, famous architects will prepare and furnish your new home.

We coordinate the whole purchase process, help with formalities. There is no problem for purchase by non-Polish citizens.


  • The houses are distinguished by huge glazing and the height of the rooms on each floor. 
    Thus: on the first floor it is 3,05m, the mezzanine: 3,17m, and the first floor: 2,96m. At the place where the stairs are located, the height is as high as 6.5m! The whole is complemented by high-class window frames, with aluminum windows and beautiful glass, handleless balustrades on the terraces.
    The gardens surrounding the residences range from 400m2 to 1200m2. Extensive green space of their own has been prepared for any arrangement.
    Materials have been selected for appropriate quality and durability. 
    The facades have been designed in light tones and will be covered with high-end materials, including powerful, more than 3-meter-high slabs of quartz sinter, which is characterized not only by durability and modern-class design, but also by incredible resistance to all types of damage, scratches and discoloration. The pitch of the roofs will be covered with an attic, so that the visual impression remains consistent and harmonious.
    Each house is equipped with a recuperation system, gas heating and underfloor radiators.


The location of the Lipova Living estate, at Lipowa Street and near Warszawska Street, right on the border of Warsaw, means quick access to the Capital and at the same time to the center of Konstancin and the spa area. At a distance of 200m we have a bus stop, and access to Ursynów, to the Metro Kabaty station is about 15 minutes. Exit from the city in all directions is provided by the Warsaw Southern Ring Road S2, close enough to enter it quickly and far enough so that the noise does not disturb the residents. Within a kilometer radius, we have numerous stores and markets.

Education: around a large selection of public and private kindergartens, an elementary school on Bielawska Street, and private ones: American School of Warsaw, No Bell School., Canadian The International School, British British Primary School, German Willy Brandt Schule, International European School, Polish British Academy of Warsaw, Non-public Primary School Varsovia and Akademeia High School.

At a distance of 3 km, we have the Spa Park in Konstancin with its brine graduation towers, charming cafes and places for walking. Konstancin is also numerous forests, proximity to the Vistula River, a place for concerts, meetings and a spa atmosphere. At the same time, on the Warsaw side we have a botanical garden close by, as well as swimming pools, tennis courts, numerous SPAs and other attractions.

The above houses are the proposed ones, we can offer others in the project. We invite you to contact us: 

*** The proposal presented above is not a commercial offer under the law, but is for informational purposes. We make every effort to ensure that the content presented in our offers is up-to-date and reliable. The data on the offers were obtained on the basis of the sellers’ statements.

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