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We consult, prepare, manage sales.  We ensure the high standard and quality image of the developer.

Development projects or what to do to sell well while strengthening the image of your brand.

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The investment process already begins with the selection of the location, the decision of what we are building, who will be our client and what that client expects. We support the whole process – from the beginning to the delivery of the keys to the new owners.

We invite developers and house construction companies to work with us on the sale of their investments. We will take over from you the entire process from marketing preparation to the sale itself and fully professional customer care. From a few houses to larger estates. Mainly in and around Warsaw, but not only.

Preparing for Sale
Organization of sales of real estate projects

Financing of Developer Investments

developer’s credit

Cooperation with advisors in the financial market who work with corporate clients, with companies financing their investments also with a development loan resulted in the ability to offer you professional support in obtaining the necessary construction financing.

Architect for developer

individual projects of single-family house estates

We work with a studio of Architects preparing individual house designs for developers. Estates are prepared for specific plots of land, taking into account the need to achieve the right parameters, appropriate use of the plot and effective solutions. At the same time, the prepared designs are adapted to current trends in the market, and clients receive additional services to facilitate further work on the investment.

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