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Houses BIO

These are healthy, elegant and stable houses for years. A concept for a home for a family. 

Keramikplatte – we have a patent for it! Sustainable technology based on low-processed, human-healthy materials.

ecological & healthy solutions

True ecology is not just about the here and now, it is a whole process that has been carefully planned here for a healthy and comfortable life.

Patent-pending technology

We have no competition in the market, the technology we write about below is unique, developed by engineers at the Warsaw University of Technology.

Durable & safe buildings for years

Guaranteed for up to 50 years, built without chemicals, solid foundation, made of fireproof (class A1) and frost-resistant material.


Quick execution process also turnkey

The whole process from signing the contract and selecting a plot of land takes 6 months, including the construction of the house just 10 weeks to developer status.


Keramikplatte - domy bio, pasywne, dla alergika
Health & Safety
The technology is ideal for people with allergies, because due to its features, the houses are not susceptible to fungi and mold, and there is no harmful Styrofoam or unnecessary chemicals
Stability & Quickness
Construction, materials with superior durability and excellent technical performance, better than other commercial technologies of companies in the market. We design full-service design based on the principles of material physics. We can successfully give a guarantee on the structure for up to 50 years. And the house will be built in 6 months from the signing of the contract.
Ecology at a Price
Environmentally clean technology, including in the production process compared to others available on the market. And the materials, years later, will not pollute the environment as much as commonly used building materials.
Economical Zero Energy
The design and selection of parameters as zero or plus energy buildings will significantly reduce utility costs over the years. Technology and well-thought-out solutions make it possible to ensure unparalleled temperature stability, and the project will pay off noticeably in subsequent years of use.
Personalized House
We personalize each project according to the customer's preferences and expectations, the possibilities of the area and the advantages of the neighborhood. Our houses can be healthy, durable, economical and look great at the same time.
Why exactly keramsite?

The properties of keramsite are due to its unique structure. Its porous air-filled structure is bound together by an outer envelope that gives expanded clay high strength properties. It is fireproof (class A1) and frost resistant. Negative temperatures do not change its properties. Its porous cells minimize water absorption, only facilitate diffusion. Its low absorption rate means that in wet conditions it retains thermal insulation and thermo-accumulation properties and smoothly regulates room temperature. At the same time, its increased mechanical strength with its lightness relieves the burden on the structure. 

Keramsite is a material that is harmless to health. It does not emit harmful natural radiation and toxins.It is a natural clay, which, unlike traditional brick after firing, does not contain admixtures of blast furnace ash.

It lacks organic particles – it is not susceptible to decay processes, the action of fungi and rodents.

It has good phonoisolation properties and high chemical resistance.

It has the property of eliminating the effect of magnetic radiation of extraterrestrial watercourses and easy recycling.

Technology Keramikplatte - Passive Houses

The presented technology is based on more than 25 years of experience. Work on the technology took more than 5 years. The work involved teams of designers specializing in solutions for building structures, material science.building physics or energy storage. The work was consulted with the participation of experts from institutes and universities. The technology has a patent claim.

Keramikplatte technology refers to the external structural wall, as a ceramic panel with application to the construction of external partitions and structural walls and internal walls. It is a combination of features of modular technologies, prefabricated technologies and ceramic technologies (equivalent to Porotherm). It was composed with an emphasis on achieving a durable and passive house, taking into account the ecological aspects and long-term impact on the health of residents.

The material of which the wall is composed is fired clay – expanded clay, not bonded with concrete binder! Fired clay granules – expanded clay has excellent insulating, thermal and acoustic properties and creates a favorable microclimate in the building. The wall has the parameters of a diffusion-open wall, as it is entirely constructed to meet the design and implementation parameters for highly energy-efficient or passive buildings.

Keramikplatte - domy bio, pasywne, dla alergika
70% keramsite,
15%classified structural wood,
15% construction panels

Keramikplatte technology is the first and so far only partition construction technology in the world, where uncoated compacted keramsite is used as the core of the wall. As of today, all other available technologies based on Keramsite and advertising themselves as keramsite are built using keramsite concrete - and the physical characteristics of keramsite are different from the physical characteristics of pure Keramsite!

Project Process:

1. Analysis of the selected plot of land

2. Design tailoring – we have in our team all the necessary specialists to make your house of the highest quality and match your needs

3. Personalization of the parts of the selected house. Each of us is different so each house will be different as well. 

4. We advise on the choice of finishing – on request the architect will finish the house turnkey.

5. We manage the project at all steps – as a project developer. 

"Design and Build" - A method of realization of a BIO House

In the provided price for the conditions of the promotion, we provide complete:
– a complete design and construction study as a completely engineered project
– geotechnical ground analysis
– map for design purposes
– building permit (!)
– realization with the participation of a team of authorized designers and with the authorized supervision of people with professional liability insurance policies
– implementation of the building: foundation; construction of the building – Keramikplatte (*)- we will provide a detailed description of the process and technology after an early talk
– roofing with accessories / sheet metal “seam panel” ; PVC heat joinery,
– facade insulation with rock wool, along with facade;
– inside installation of electricity ;
– underfloor heating installation;
– installation of plumbing;
– mechanical ventilation (recuperation),-
– heat pump with a tank for domestic hot water
– floors,
– insulation and in front of walls and ceilings made of fiber gypsum boards and hard gypsum boards – structural.

– official acceptance
– price constancy for the period of implementation
The building complies with the requirements for year-round buildings according to the Technical Conditions in Poland for highly energy-efficient buildings.

budowa domu

The building is compliant with the requirements for year-round buildings according to the Technical Conditions in force in Poland for highly energy-efficient buildings..