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Dominican Republic - invest and rest in paradise

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DOMINICANA is the second largest country in the Caribbean Sea after Cuba, covering the eastern part of the island of Haiti and belonging to North America.  It is a place of everlasting summer.

The most popular regions, chosen for both active and quiet vacations, are Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, the Samana Peninsula and Santo Domingo. Here we have sunshine all year round, temperatures around 30 degrees, beautiful beaches and turquoise water. The beaches here are considered the most beautiful in the world. Playa Bavaro beach, which stretches for almost 50 km, has long had its place among the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world! To go here all you need is a passport. And we can stay for a start of 30 days as tourists. A direct flight from Poland takes about 11 hours.

The Queen of the Caribbean

Dominican Republic

48.730 m2


San Domingo



We offer you directly from a Spanish developer known for its prestigious investments.

Three Main Regions:

Punta Cana - East Coast

 We can divide the coast into three regions: 
Cap Cana – the central part
Bavaro – the northern part

Bayahibe and La Romana – the southern part
This is the most popular area among tourists, beautiful beach stretching almost 50 km, numerous resorts, restaurants, full infrastructure. Here real estate is the most expensive, but we can also expect the highest rates of return on investment.

Samana Peninsula

This is the part of the island where we have the opportunity to find a house or apartment in the hills, overlooking the Ocean, where we have beautiful waterfalls, wildlife, beaches and places that are harder to reach for tourists. At the same time, this is the region where the government is allocating the most funds for development and more major investments are planned. Here the rates of return on investment may be slightly lower than in Punta Cana.

The northern part of the island - incl. Puerto Plata

The place chosen most often by people who have chosen the Dominican Republic as a new place to live. There are a lot of people coming here from the US or Canada. We have grand estates, gated communities, and at the same time excellent places for water sports.

Investing on the Island


Property in the Dominican Republic is an opportunity to combine a good income, with the possibility of rest in the form of owner stays in purchased apartments. The apartments presented by us are mostly given to you turnkey finished. This is to standardize and maintain a correspondingly high standard in the property. After purchasing the property, you are given the opportunity to manage the rental by a professional local company – that is, everything is taken over by the rental operator, you can only come once in a while in the form of, for example, winter vacation.

Property Purchase

In the Dominican Republic, property can be bought by anyone, what’s more, under the same conditions as Dominican citizens. All you need is a valid passport, adequate funds and you can choose among beautiful properties. We propose houses and apartments of high standard – PREMIUM segment from the primary market – that is, directly from the developer. One of the proposed investments, for example, is located near the magnificent residence of a person probably known to most of us as Oscar de la Renta.
As one of the most important points is the fact that when we buy a property here we become its full owner, we are registered in the land registry (Tribunal de Tierra), and ownership is subject to inheritance.
What’s more, when buying a property in excess of $200,000, you can apply for resident status (this will take about three months). A resident can stay indefinitely. He can also then apply for citizenship.
The purchase from the developer is secure, the payment is either a one-time payment or in tranches, into an account, as in Poland – a trust account, from where the money is transferred to the developer as the construction process proceeds.

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